163PS (120KW) ACE. TO ISO 8665

4 cylinder Marine Diesel Engines by BUKH – are designed for high performance. The innovative fuel injection technology enables an excellent torque and speed range. Therefore adaptation to existing marine propulsion systems can be performed easily. Engines equipped to endure vessel capsizing, immediate start in very low temperatures (-15 degrees to -30 degrees) and running up to angle of 30 degrees continuous.


The unique and robust MONOBLOCK design, engine block and cylinder head made from high grade alloy cast iron, without limitation in cooling and unrivaled roundness of the cylinder, give exceptional life time for the liner.


  • Chrome-Molybdenum forged crankshaft, dynamically balanced
  • Pistons are cast from high silicon aluminium with oil cooling gallery and a ceramic coated top ring
  • Hardened valve-seats high performance NIMONIC valve material
  • Elastic coupling on flywheel, design matched depending on application

Engine Mounting

  • Adjustable front and rear silent blocks capable to take propeller/jet thrust

Lubrication System

  • Exchangeable oil filter cartridge
  • Oil scavenging trough dipstick pipe
  • Closed crankcase breathing system

Fuel System

  • Integrated high pressure unit injector up to 2,000 bar with dual stage fuel injection technology, operated by overhead camshaft and rocker arms
  • Electric fuel pump (automatic bleeding capability)
  • Exchangeable fuel filter cartridge

Cooling System

  • Freshwater cooling system with thermostat control and expansion tank
  • Heat exchanger with integrated expansion tank system
  • Connection prepared for boiler/cabin heating system

Exhaust System

  • Fresh water cooled exhaust manifold and seater cooled exhaust elbow


  • EPA Tier II, RCD/2003/44 compliant

Engine rotation (looking forward) Anti-clockwise
Propeller rotation (looking forward) Anti-clockwise
Number of cylinders 4
Net weight 258
Engine type MO164M40
Engine crankcase vent syst Closed
Output [ps(kW)] acc. to ISO 8665 163 (120)
rom@full load 4000
Displacement [cc] 2100
Max. torque [kgm] 320
At speed [rpm] 2800
Injection system Two stage unit injectors
Electronic engine diagnostic YES
Propulsion system Shaftdrive / Waterjet
Cylinders 4 in line

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